Love is the water that creates the lush landscape of the garden of your body. Are you loving her and giving her the ingredients she needs to create magic? Or are you starving her and then blaming her because your flowers aren’t growing?      – Celeste Rose




1:1 Coaching

Celeste is a Body Confidence & Sensuality Coach for High Achieving Women helping them reconnect with their desire and rewire limiting beliefs so they can live a life that truly lights them up and have fun while doing it!

Group Coaching

Our next group course, Manifest that Shit, invites high achieving women to connect with their desire and pleasure to help them manifest abundance in their life, relationships, and businesses.


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Alison Jensen

When I started working with Celeste I was at my rock bottom and felt like I had lost everything, including my identity. I was also gaining weight like crazy and hated myself for it. I knew I needed to change. Celeste was immediately someone who made me feel safe and nurtured and allowed me to express myself without judgement. I had been in therapy for 5 years, but never gotten the emotional release that we accomplished in a few months. She really helped me break negative thinking patterns and stop living my life as if I were a victim. I’ve been able to process and regulate my emotions more effectively instead of suppressing them or coping in unhealthy ways. With her guidance I’ve been able to reconnect with my body and have gained more confidence and sense of self than I’ve ever had in my life. I feel so grateful to have worked with her and would highly recommend her to any woman who is struggling with her self-worth.

Juxlav Hardas

If you are ready for breakthroughs then you really need to work with Celeste.I am so appreciative of all of the beautiful energy she ignites within the souls of others. She is such a blessing to this realm and has inspired me to break away and grow new roots for myself! I went from doubting everything about myself to believing in my soul again.

Sabbath Schrader

I’ve been meeting with Celeste Rose for a few weeks now, and I am so thrilled and amazed at how hard she challenges me and makes me think. She gently steers me to stare back at myself and consider why I am…..the way I am. I would highly encourage anyone to get to know her, what she’s about, and how she might be able to help you. Celeste is a gift.

Tricia Rivas

Goodness, I don’t even know where to start with Celeste!! I’ve known this beautiful being for some time. I just recently started working with her. What I love about Celeste Rose is her space is safe, kind, and full of love and grace. I always feel like my soul has been reenergized when we spend our time together. Thank you Celeste for being a gift to this world and to me.

Michelle R.

I decided to work with Celeste because I was feeling very frustrated and disappointed with my efforts to manage my weight. Celeste is an amazing coach! She is insightful, compassionate and passionate about helping women free themselves from guilt, shame, and blame regarding their weight. I experienced so many aha moments working with Celeste, especially refocusing my energy on how I want to feel now and in the future. I highly recommend Celeste if you are looking for someone to walk alongside you to body confidence. 

Elisa Jones

Celeste is AMAZING at what she does! I was part of a focus group that involved coaching and learning to love yourself. I met with Celeste every week for about 6 weeks and all I can say is WOW! I highly recommend Celeste for any coaching needs.

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