Most of my clients come to me because they want to lose weight. They have tried every diet or exercise plan only to gain the weight back and are frustrated and overwhelmed. Having tied their value to a number on the scale they are caught on a hamster wheel of trying to prove that they are “good enough” Can you relate?

You are not alone. The hamster wheel is where many women spend most of their lives running in circles never finding happiness. I know you are exhausted. I know you are burnt out. Listen to me when I say it is okay to get off the hamster wheel.

Take a minute and think about your goals (weight loss for example) and ask yourself why you want to lose weight. What about your life would change if you lost weight? Would you be worthy of starting your own business? Would you be deserving of love? Would you be happy?

Is it really true that you do not get to have these things with the body that you have right now?  NO! The only truth in these beliefs is the lie that losing weight will change who you are and what you are worthy of being or doing.

So instead, ask yourself “how do I want to feel?” Maybe you want to feel light and free. Maybe you want to feel beautiful. Maybe you want to be happy. Then brainstorm about what makes you feel that way and do that! Example: I want to feel beautiful. What makes me feel beautiful? When I wear my blue dress with the floral print and my hair in a loose bun with a touch of lip gloss.

It is never about the goal. It is always about the feeling and that is 100% in your control.

From my soul to yours,
Celeste Rose