Being an overweight woman in a world that worships weight loss and diet culture programmed me to hate my body.
To think that because I didn’t look like the women on television or the covers of magazines that there was something wrong with me.
I lived much of my life believing that the less of me I could be, the more valuable I would become. I daydreamed about visible collar bones, thigh gaps, and wasting away into nothingness.
I tried every diet including the cabbage soup diet, lemonade diet, eating nothing but bananas, vegan, vegetarian, Keto, all the while trying to trick and manipulate my body to lose weight. Diets did fulfill their promise of weight loss, but trashed my metabolism in the process. This way of living was not sustainable and my body was literally sick and tired.
That is when I decided to ditch diet culture and learn how to love my body. I recently started a new way of eating that is focused on supporting my metabolism rather than weight loss. It incorporates the right combinations of macronutrients with high quality food sources to help my body heal. Not only am I eating meat and dairy again, I am also working my way up to 2000 calories a day.
This is such a drastic change from everything I have ever learned and so drastically different from being vegan.  Part of me wants to run for the hills but the other part of me knows that this is part of the healing process.
If you are looking for a way to break free from diet culture, check out Freely Wild. Not only is this course teaching me how to physically nourish my body, it is exposing the lies and conditioning that live deep in my bones when it comes to my hunger, desire, and ultimately my satisfaction in life.
And as always, I am here to support you along the way with coaching, one on one sessions, and community. 
From My Soul to Yours
Celeste Rose