Using the Power of Self-Love to Break the Cycle of Body Shame and binge eating.

You know that pants are too tight realization that can send you in a downward spiral and before you even realize it you are binge eating a bag of chips?
Today I had one of those days and just when I wanted to shut off my feelings I realized that there was an opportunity here. An opportunity to love myself more.
Self-love was never my go to way of dealing with myself. Instead I would shut down the part of me that was needing to be heard with whatever I could put in my mouth. You see this part of me couldn’t talk if I was too busy eating.
So I listened to the part of myself that wanted to cry. The part of myself that was ashamed that she had worn a whole in thighs of another pair of her favorite jeans. The part that thinks that if she were only “skinny” life would be so much easier.
And I let her cry and then when she was done, I looked in the mirror and told her I love her and she cried some more. Except these were different tears, these were the tears of acceptance that it is okay to be me. I am worthy, I am enough, and a couple pounds will never change that.
And then I did my hair and makeup and took some sassy photos to remind myself of this moment.
Being a Body Confidence Coach doesn’t make me immune to feelings of low self-worth or negative body image. But it does give me the tools to hold myself with love when I experience these moments.
It’s okay to have these thoughts. We all do. It is how we respond to them and engage with them that will determine the outcome.
And you know what? The conversations have changed. That critical part of me is there every once in a while, but she doesn’t run the show. And the part of me that does… she is on fire 🔥
From My Soul to Yours,
Celeste Rose