What if instead of going on weight loss journeys, we went on self-love journey’s? The destination may be the same, but the result is sustainable.

Seriously, think about it. Why do we go on weight loss journey’s in the first place? Yes, sometimes it is about health and how we feel physically, but most often it is because we feel uncomfortable in our bodies and how they look. Our pants are too tight, or we are terrified about swimsuits and summer clothes exposing our extra rolls. We are bombarded with images of skinny bodies all over social media.

So what do we do, we restrict our calories and we over work our bodies in an attempt to force them to let go of the weight they have been holding. We trick our bodies by taking pills, drinking diet coffee, and ingesting magical substances that are supposed to melt away our belly fat. What we don’t realize though is that our bodies get smart to our weight loss attempts. Your body has what is called a diet memory. And each time we diet our bodies make adjustments to maintain the balance of energy in vs energy out.

How do they do this? Your body needs a certain number of calories to survive, to live breath and function. When you eat below that threshold, your body will adapt by reducing your temperature and slowing your metabolism and digestion. This is why later in life it can become more and more difficult to lose weight. This is why what used to work for you to lose weight doesn’t work anymore. This is also why when you go off your diet, you gain back the weight you lost and then some. Your body has adapted to the lower calories and now anything you eat above and beyond that is immediately stored as fat to prepare for the next cycle of starvation and deprivation (Freely Rooted).

The truth is, your body won’t naturally let go of extra weight until it feels safe to do so. So, I propose that instead of going on weight loss journeys, we embark on a journey of self-love. Learning to love and care for our bodies so they can heal.

The insights shared in this blog post are from my personal experience through my own self love journey as well as the pro-metabolic lifestyle I have adopted through Kori Meloy’s program Freely Rooted. 

From my Soul to Yours,

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