About Celeste

Celeste Rose, Body Confidence & Sexual Empowerment Coach

My name is Celeste Rose, and I am certified Body Confidence & Wellbeing Coachâ„¢, Reiki Practitioner, and currently receiving my certification through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. My mission is to help women learn to love their bodies and harness the power of repressed sexual energy to transform their lives, relationships, and businesses.

Growing up as a Catholic girl in the Midwest, I believed that my sexuality was wrong and my body was shameful. These internalized feelings of guilt and shame resulted in negative body image, disordered eating, unwanted weight, self-sabotage behaviors, addictions, and ultimately thyroid and digestive health issues.

Giving myself permission to heal set me on a path of deep self-love, personal discovery, and transformation. Reconnecting with the wisdom of my body, my desire, and pleasure has reawakened my creativity, passion, and revolutionized my coaching business!

My sessions may include energy work, light language activations, as well as intuitive guidance to help my clients release shame, cultivate self-love, and come home to their bodies.