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Hey Gorgeous,

Are you ready to break through the blocks that have you feeling disconnected from your body and feeling unworthy of the life, relationships, or success that you desire?

Fall in Love with Yourself is a signature program that I have created for women who want to: 

  • Feel more Confident in their Bodies
  • Reconnect with their Sensuality
  • Up-Level their Worthiness
  • Feel Empowered in their Lives, Relationships, and Career
  • Feel Connected and On Purpose


I started developing early and learned from parents and society that I had to cover my body up, that men couldn’t control themselves, and that unwanted attention was my fault. While I desperately wanted to be beautiful, my unconscious believed that to be beautiful was unsafe. This unconscious belief caused me to gain weight as an effort to protect myself from unwanted attention from men and and so other women would not be jealous of me.  

And instead of learning boundaries and self-love so that I could feel safe being beautiful, I started torturing myself with diets, self-punishment, disordered eating, and self hatred. The negative beliefs I had about myself and my body manifested physically as chronic pain, gastrointestinal problems, and thyroid disease. 

Giving myself permission to heal set me on a path of deep self-love, personal discovery, and transformation. Reconnecting with the wisdom of my body, my desire, and pleasure has reawakened my creativity, passion, and revolutionized my coaching business!

Do you desire support on your self-love journey?

Fall in Love with Yourself in this 4 month One-on-One coaching container where you will be invited to rewire your relationship with your body, your pleasure, and your purpose.

Fall in Love with Yourself


Self-Love Body, Emotion and Sensation


Self-Pleasure and Tools for Sexual Healing


Healing the Family Dynamic; Masculine, Feminine, and Inner Child


Orgasm and a Vibrant Sexual Ecology

MODULES 9 & 10

Desire, Emotion, and Empowerment

MODULES 11 & 12

Communicating and Sexual Thriving in your Partnership

Celeste knew that there was a link between her relationship with her body and her subconscious beliefs about love, sex, and being seen. 

In order to heal and integrate these pieces for herself she left her corporate gig and became a Body Confidence & Well-being Coach™ and continued her studies as a VITA™ Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach with Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. 

She now works with high-achieving women who are ready to ditch body shame and welcome more pleasure and aliveness into their lives.

She combines her feminine embodied wisdom, expert level training, and holistic embodiment tools to guide her clients into self-love and personal power through one-on-one coaching.  


What Others are Saying

“I had been in therapy for 5 years, but never gotten the emotional release that I accomplished in a few months working with Celeste.”


“If you are ready for breakthroughs then you really need to work with Celeste. I am so appreciative of all of the beautiful energy she ignites within the souls of others.”


“What I love about Celeste Rose is her space is safe, kind, and full of love and grace. I always feel like my soul has been reenergized when we spend our time together.”


“I experienced so many aha moments working with Celeste, especially refocusing my energy on how I want to feel now and in the future. ”