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Sanscrit for vulva and is considered the sweetest most sacred name for the vagina. The yoni is the starting point of all life and our deepest creative desires.

yoni crystals

Precious stones, rare in nature and carefully selected for their energetic healing qualities. Our crystals are safe for internal use, sustainably sourced, hand-carved, polished and blessed to ensure the best for you and your yoni.

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Honor yourself for saying yes to this journey. With Yoni Crystals products & guided meditations, you will cultivate deeper self-love by activating your sexual center, tuning into the energy of creation & discovering your truest self.

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What we do

Our Services

One on One coaching

Celeste is a Body Confidence & Sensuality Coach for High Achieving Women helping them reconnect with their desire and rewire limiting beliefs so they can live a life that truly lights them up and have fun while doing it!

group coaching

Celeste’s next group coaching course, Manifest that Sh&t, invites high achieving women to connect with their desires and pleasure to help them manifest abundance in their lives, relationships, and businesses. 

public speaking

Are you looking for a public speaker for your next event? Celeste speaks on women’s empowerment topics such as body confidence, sexual empowerment, self-love, relationship transformation, as well as feminine embodied leadership. Do you desire a topic not listed? Book your complimentary consultation with Celeste to discuss how she can support your vision for a truly memorable experience.

women's circles

Do you have a birthday, bridal shower, or other special event coming up?  Let us customize a women’s circle for you and your small group. Examples include Jade Egg Circles, Goddess Circles, and as well as Sex Magic Circles. 

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help high achieving women get out of their heads and back into their feminine embodied wisdom so they can live a life that lights them up from the inside out. Life doesn’t have to be hard when we know what we want and believe we deserve it.